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e on he us

here are hree keys no workin on my compuer. le’s see if you can uess wha hey are…alhouh so far i would e difficul. houh no anymore.

more soon, od willin.

peaceful saah,


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more to come

Last week I was introduced at a gathering as “Jonathan, who’s living down in Big Sur, studying for the rabbinate with the Benedictines.” It led to some confused murmuring—what’d he say? they teach rabbis?

The more I’m out in the world these days, the more people’s reactions to where I live and what I do indicate just how off the beaten track I’ve stepped. I didn’t realize it at first; to me, it’s just my life. It actually seemed a pretty natural choice to come here.

If people are curious to hear about it, I guess that’s god’s will. So, I’ve been taking a stab at writing about it all week. It’s unusual for me to write about myself, but it seems called for in this instance.

The immediate upshot of my occupation is I’m sitting here on a bench looking out over the ocean stretching to infinity below me. The sun is about an hour from sinking to the horizon, by which time I’ve got to get back to my computer, type up whatever I’ve written here and post it on the web.

I made a commitment to posting once a week, not to posting something good. If I lose you this week, there’s not much I can do about it at this point. Perhaps there’s something I can say to wrap this up and give you a sense of promise, of good things to come.

If there is, let me know.

Peaceful Sabbath,


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